Cáritas Ibiza is a subsidiary of the Church dedicated to helping those less fortunate, particularly groups of homeless people, transients and immigrants. If you just don´t have time to get up at dawn once a week, pack up the car, the children and anything else you might need and head to the market, why not give all those clothes you will never wear again to charity? All you have to do is choose the shop closest to you and drop off as much or as little as you like.

CÁRITAS IBIZA - Calle Carlos IV, 27

CÁRITAS SAN ANTONIO - Calle Bartolome Vicente Ramon, 17

CÁRITAS SANTA EULALIA - Calle Historian José Clape, 19

CÁRITAS OFFICE - Calle Felipe II, 16 

Phone: 0034  971 311 762


For larger household items or electronics that you may no longer need please contact the Deixalles Foundation who will come and collect for free and recycle them.

DEIXALLES FOUNDATION - Carretera Pou de na Massiana 27. Poligono de Montecristo (Ibiza-Sant Antonio road, in one of the big warehouses)

Phone: 0034 971 191 118


Website: (Green Heart Ibiza)