Ibiza Regional Information

Ibiza is an island that truly celebrates celebrating.
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Ibiza, the closest of the Balearic archipelago to mainland Spain, boasts many of the characteristics of its neighbouring islands. With a profusion of natural and historical riches, perfectly complimented by golden beaches engulfed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean, it is no wonder that these islands have long been regarded as a top European holiday destination.

There is something unique about the island of Ibiza that makes it so special. The natural beauty, twinned with realms of traditional Spanish architecture, seems to embrace the world famous nightlife and produce an indefinable aura, something mythical as such, that is rarely experienced elsewhere.

With the island measuring 45km long and 25km wide, there is plenty to explore, especially towards the north of the island where the countryside offers a taste of rural Spain set amongst vast groves of almond, fig and olive. A coastline stretching 200km gives birth to over 80 eye-catching beaches, a number of which are set in the backdrop of soaring cliffs. The warm Mediterranean climate, accompanied by a refreshing sea breeze, makes Ibiza the perfect place to come and relax during the day and let your hair down at night.

Ibiza’s reputation as an ancient tourist capital has inspired a restaurant industry infused with variety, creativity and an endless number of choices. This influx of international cuisine has failed to dent the popularity of the traditional Spanish restaurant, where local recipes are served in some of the most idyllic of settings.

When referring to nightlife, Ibiza truly is one on its own. With the island hosting a number of the world’s leading nightclubs and being a second home for the most famous of DJ’s, it’s no surprise that it has gained the reputation as being the ‘party island’. Known by its revellers as the ‘white isle’, one can sense a special vibe from the moment the sun starts to set. Chic beach pump out music to the early hours then the clubs take over, where the party continues until sunrise and beyond. Simply sitting back and watching the ‘beautiful people’ is an experience in itself. This is really when one can sense the magic of Ibiza.

Ibiza is also fortunate to be blessed with culture; a number of stunning historical landmarks from different ages are ever prevalent throughout the island. Indeed, Ibiza town is widely recognised as being one of Europe’s leading conserved medieval towns, and it is effortless to see why.