Discover Ibiza's Cultural Heritage: Historical Tours and Sites


Uncover the island's rich history and architectural marvels

1. Dalt Vila: The Old Town

Explore the enchanting medieval fortress of Dalt Vila, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Marvel at its ancient cobblestone streets, impressive city walls, and historic buildings filled with art and history.


2. San Antonio Church

Visit the San Antonio Church, a beautiful white-washed structure steeped in history. Admire its intricate architecture, ornate altar, and peaceful atmosphere, encapsulating the essence of Ibiza's traditional religious heritage.


3. Marina District of Ibiza Town

Wander through the charming Marina District of Ibiza Town, known for its narrow streets, colorful buildings, and bustling restaurants and bars. Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, enjoy traditional cuisine, and soak up the vibrant nightlife.


4. Santa Eulària des Riu Ethnographic Museum

Step into the past at the Santa Eulària des Riu Ethnographic Museum. Gain insight into the traditional lifestyle and customs of Ibiza's rural communities through displays of traditional clothing, tools, and exhibitions showcasing the island's rich folklore.