Wine Festival - San Mateo

Not enough people know about this wonderful little get together and that really isn´t a bad thing at all! But, traditions are traditions and we feel that the world should know about this one! The Ibiza climate is ideal for growing grapes and this is what many of the farmers do. Large fields are dedicated to row after row of grape vines which are then turned in to vi pagès. This farmers´ wine is stored at the family home, or finca, in the countryside and brought out at every special occasion. Then every year, during the month of December, all the farmers take their home brew to the small town of San Mateo and the wine festival or fiesta del vino begins!

Originally, all the different wines were laid out in porrones for the public to taste, but unfortunately that tradition has died and it is now poured in to plastic cups. The taste is still the same however and the atmosphere is always amazing. The hundred or so different wines are labelled and all you have to do is decide which is your favourite and try to remember the number so you can buy some to take home - this is harder than you think by the time you have had a cup or three!
The festival is held on the football pitch with a stage set up for live music and lots of room for dancing. Bathtubs, yes bathtubs, are laid out across the field for fires with grates on them so that you can toast your own bread and sobrasada on a stick, just like marshmallows! Everyone huddles around the fires to keep warm if they´re not having a boogie :-)

It usually rains on the day, it´s always freezing cold and parking is a nightmare but this does not stop the fun and does nothing to kill the vibe.

The taster wines are free and act as an internal heater and all you have to pay for are the snacks if you´re peckish.

A great way to tackle the wine drinking is to start at number one and just see how far you can get before you fall over... an event not to be missed!

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