Top 5 For Adventure

For a combination of these thrilling activities or an organised tour of Ibiza including any or all of them, please contact the Ibiza Adventure Center and check out the tours.


If soaring 400m above the Med, whilst being towed behind a high powered speed boat sounds like fun to you, then you have to try your hand at parasailing. There are individual, tandem as well as triple harnessed trips, so you and your thrill seeking mates can experience this adventure together. Once up in the air and only if you are not too busy screaming your head off, take a moment to appreciate the view of Ibiza from a bird´s-eye perspective.  It really is something quite special.

The Banana Ride

For those of us who have yet to master water skiing or wake boarding, the ever popular Banana Ride is a great alternative. Managed by professional Wake Boarder, Jose Miguel Blesa (FEEN), Ibiza Wake is one of the best and the cheapest places in the San Antonio Bay for this fantastic adventure.


Paintball, which is always fun, is even more exhilarating in Ibiza. Set in an old Zoo and transformed into a lush War Zone, it really doesn't get much better. Oh wait, it does! There are chillout areas around the pool where you can snack on Vietnamese BBQ, or you could make your way to the more upbeat bar areas and relax before entering the danger zone and defeating the enemy. But always remember... Never leave a man behind!

Quad Biking

For an adventure that is as exhilarating as the terrain, Quad biking is an experience not to be missed. With tours tailor made to suit your needs, as well as the opportunity for you to plot your own journey, you will be able to discover parts of Ibiza you never knew existed... And all this, with the wind blowing through your hair. 


Not all of us are able to hire a Speed Boat for the day, but a Jetski is a lot more affordable... And way more fun! Feel the power as you accelerate across the water, the wind in your face and the spray of the surf. But beware, by the end of the ride, you will be completely hooked & may harbour a little resentment when your time is up & you have to return to dry land.