Sponsors & Guests Of The Ibiza Networking Tour

The 1st Ibiza Networking Tour was a great success and above all good fun. There will be 2 tours a year, one at the beginning of the year to introduce new ideas, promotions & companies, and one to close the season and discuss winter plans. This is a special thank you to the companies involved who did not think twice about sponsoring us and joining in the fun. The day would not have been the same without you and we greatly appreciate your support.

Isleña, The Beer Of Ibiza - A delicious beer made from hops grown on the island & produced by professionals in Germany. Isleña is sure to make every experience you have here one you will never forget! Thank you Javier & Co.
Web: www.lacervezadeibiza.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thebeerofibiza
Email: info@thebeerofibiza.com 
Tel: 0034 971 198 558

Ducks United, Rent a Car And A Lifestyle - Perhaps the funkiest & certainly the most adventurous car you will drive on the island. The perfect Ibiza car for those bumpy dirt tracks down to beaches and for fun in convoy with a group of friends. Big supporters of a wonderful charity too! Thank you Ramon, Annemarie & Co. Web: www.ducksunited.com
Facebook: facebook.com/DucksUnited
Email: ibiza@ducksunited.com
Tel: 0034 689 104 062

Ibiza Wranglers & Rent A Wrangler - The ideal car for sightseeing in Ibiza. High off the ground and strong as a tank, the Wrangler will get you anywhere! Rent the Wrangler of your dreams by the day and let the exploring begin. If you have your own and it needs a bit of love, just pass by the shop in Santa Eulalia and you won´t regret it. Thank you Lucien & Rebeca
Web: www.ibizawranglers.com
Facebook: Ibiza Wranglers & Rent A Wrangler
Email: info@ibizawrangler.com
Tel: 0034 971 199 85


Envy Event Co-ordination - Envy Events Ibiza was set up to put the ART back into pARTies. From small dinner parties, to huge weddings, from children´s Birthday parties to hilariously naughty hen & stag do´s, Envy does it all. Why stress about your own party plans when someone else can take care of very last detail for you? Thank you Chantal.
Web: www.envyeventsibiza.com
Facebook: Envy Event Co-ordination
Email: chantal@envyeventsibiza.com
Tel: 0034 672 774 030

Sa Cova Winery - Making Ibiza merry for years now with their amazing wines. Visit the bodega in San Mateo for a guided tour with detailed explanations of how wine is made & enjoying a wine tasting too with cheese & crackers! Thank you Juan & Eugenio.
Web: www.sacova.com
Tel: 0034 971 187 046 or 0034 699 054 055

Walking Ibiza - The only way to see this beautiful island on foot! Join this wonderful group of friendly people & happy faces for a peaceful walk or an energetic hike around Ibiza. Undisputed inside knowledge of Ibiza´s coast & coves with a lot of laughter along the way. Thank you Toby & Belinda.
Web: www.WalkingIbiza.com
Facebook: Walking Ibiza
Email: info@walkingibiza.com
Tel: 0034 608 692 901

Fluxa Hierbas - A favourite among Ibiza locals for years now. Before a meal, during a meal & in large quantities after a meal, Hierbas is certain to go down well. Made from a smooth blend of island herbs, it is a fabulous digestif. Thank you Juan & Co.
Email: juantur@destileriasfluxa.com Tel: 0034 649 192 285

Felipe - Passionate about cooking and paella making in particular. Any time you need a good old home made paella anywhere on the island, Felipe is your man. With all his own equipment he is the perfect answer for a delicious meal. Come to think of it, any time you need a decent electrician, he does that too!! Thank you Felipe & Lute.
Facebook: Felipe
Email: felroig@gmail.com
Tel: 0034 676 726 430

Guests - What is the point of a great event with no guests? A big, huge, extra special thank you to all of the amazing Ibiza businesses who took the time to join us on the tour. We hope you had a lovely time & managed to do some networking as well as make new friends. Here is the list of everyone who joined us on the day, in case you would like to get in touch. We hope to see you all again for the next tour in October but will definitely see you all soon anyway.

A big thank you to:

AGROTURISMO CAN LLUC www.canlluc.com
AGROTURISMO CAN PLANELLS www.canplanells.com
ALSABINI www.alsabini.com
BALEARIA www.balearia.com
BK RENT A CAR www.bkrentacar.net
BLACK LIST www.blacklist-intl.com
CASA PIEDRA & EL PUNTAL www.facebook.com/casapiedra.alberto
DIGITAL GRAPHIC www.bestof.org
ES FARALLÓ & CAN COSMI www.esfarallo.com
GREEN HEART IBIZA www.greenheart.info
GUARANA www.guaranaibiza.com
HOTEL FENICIA www.insotelhotelgroup.com
IB3 www.ib3.es
IBIZA SPORT www.ibizasport.com
INVISA HOTELES www.invisahoteles.com
ISLAND BUS www.ibizatours-islandbus.com
ISLEÑA www.lacervezadeibiza.com
JEEP WRANGLER www.rentawrangler.es
CAT MILTON PHOTOGRAPHY www.photography.catmilton.com
LAS DALIAS www.lasdalias.es
LAS DALIAS MAGAZINE ibimedia@yahoo.es
MWELLNESS www.mwellnessibiza.com
NAGAI www.nagairestaurant.com
SAN JOSÉ - CONCEJAL DE TURISMO www.santjosep.net
SAN MIGUEL PARK www.sanmiguelpark-ibiza.com
365.nl  DUTCH ONLINE MAGAZINE www.ibiza365.nl
PEACHY KEANE & FELDEN VILLAS peachy@peachibiza.com
HUIS HUREN IBIZA www.huishurenibiza.nl
RESTAURANTS 100 alexlubin100@gmail.com & nickbligh100@gmail.com