Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis lies in the heart of the island, but don’t let this fool you, it is still only ten minutes away from the nearest beach and only half an hour away from the furthest.  The new central plaza has created a wonderful café society here and with the number of restaurants almost out numbering its residents, you can be assured that whatever your culinary affiliation, Santa Gertrudis will not disappoint.


Arts and Culture play an important role here in Santa Gertrudis and always will. Many Artists and sculptors have made this part of the island their home over the years. From the bar Costa which displays many pieces of original artworks that were used as tender to settle food bills during the islands famous hippy era (much like Anita’s bar in San Carlos) to the sophisticated art galleries scattered about today where the art was procured by more tradition means.

While sipping your café con leche on the sunny new plaza, you may well be wondering where on earth the milk has come from (Seen any cows in Ibiza lately - I haven’t).  Now you can lay this quandary to rest.  Santa Gertrudis is home to the only dairy farm on the island. And if the thought about the cows and the milk never crossed your mind, well then, not to worry, just sit back and enjoy the rest of your delicious coffee.

So whether you are simply coming to Santa Gertrudis to buy an English copy of the latest best seller at the international bookstore Libro Azul or simply scoping out the international school - Morna international college (just incase all that talk of finally moving here one day, actually comes true) be sure to stop off for a while in this charming little place and enjoy all it has to offer.

Local Fiesta: 16th November 

Oh and in December don’t miss out the Christmas lights strung out across the new plaza. Es muy bonnito