San Miquel

High up in the hills, the quiet village of Sant Miquel remains steeped in tradition, providing a prime example of the classic Ibizan way of life. The fortified church remains one of the oldest on Ibiza, where as its adjoining courtyard acts as a meeting point for displays of ball pagés, a traditional folk dance that occurs here every Thursday. Running concurrently, the main square in the village is transformed into a market place, where exclusively Ibizenco products ranging from home made cuisine to leather goods and pottery are being traded.

Puerto Sant Miquel lies 5 kilometres to the north and offers an alternative and slightly more active setting than that of the village. Although too small to be classed a resort, there are several self catering apartments and hotels scattered amongst the hills overlooking the sea. The port possesses a selection of restaurants and bars, set back from a relatively small beach which can become crowded during peak season.

Whether it be by taxiing a boat or travelling by car, two places of interest further along the coast are the infamous caves of C’an Marça and the isolated Benirras beach. The former, a notorious hideout for smugglers provides superb views of the Mediterranean, whilst the rocky Benirras beach has long been regarded a favoured point to watch the sun setting. Celebrated in local hippy folklore, the beach remains an admired gathering spot for like minded individuals, where it is not unusual to be met by the sound of Bongo drums entangled with the scent of burning herbs.