San Carlos

San Carlos still has a wonderfully traditional village feel. Nestled in the north east corner of the island it forms the gateway to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. While their white sandy beaches and turquoise seas are enough to tempt you to venture out of the clutches of San Antonio and the buzz of Ibiza town, it is the sheer beauty of the surroundings that will hook you for good.

The history of this little village is as spectacular as its surroundings and can be traced back as far as 3000 years and the arrival of the Phoenicians. During a time when maritime trading played a roll of paramount importance, a trading point was set up at nearby Pou de Lleo and as the demands of the ever increasing population grew, so too did San Carlos, eventually even surpassing neighbouring Santa Eulalia.

The fate of San Carlos was once again altered during the Spanish Civil war when Francos’ forces landed on the northern tip of the island leaving San Carlos the first settlement under siege. But they did not go quietly. A resistance lead by the Chaplin and his father tried to defend the little village and paid for their bravery with their lives. The Chaplin and 15 others were executed in the little house behind Anita’s bar. It is now painted a rusty red colour and known by all as the notorious ‘red house’.

The famous Anita’s bar forms the hub of the community and has done so for eons. For as long as anyone can remember Anita’s was the place to meet. It houses all of the post boxes for this part of the island and until recently was the proud owner of the one and only public telephone in the village. People would hang out from dawn till dusk catching up on all the days news and gossip before heading back home. Over time drinks and snacks were introduced and Anita’s slowly morphed into the landmark it is today.

While Anita’s is and always will be the jewel in this community, it is definitely not the only reason to come to this beautiful little village. The quaint little shops and eateries are set around pedestrianised streets that all lead to the village green. The green is used all year round by locals for fiestas and children’s birthday parties alike. Next to the green is a wonderful playground for the kids and as they burn off some energy you can watch on in comfort, sipping a glass of sangria at one of the restaurants opposite.

For obvious reasons the Hippy market at Las Dalias restaurant should be mentioned. It is on every Saturday and there is some great shopping to be had, with both commercial and quirky items on sale. The location is fabulous and drinks are available at the bars outside, so why not grab yourself one and relax to the live music on offer while you catch your breath after a bout of shopping.

With the buses and the little road train both journeying from Santa Eulalia, there is no need to hire a car to get to this wonderful little village. At the heart of this community are some little gems to be discovered - from the vintage fashion boutique Lotti Bogotti to the five star agro tourism hotels of Can Curreu and Can Talaias proving that sometimes it´s the littlest places that pack the biggest punches.

San Carlos Fiesta: 4 November - Midnight fireworks display.............. Not to be missed.