Pages Festival - November

If partying is not your thing and what you really love about travelling is discovering traditions you have never come across before, then you really need to visit Ibiza in the winter and find out all about the Pagès way of life. Pagès is the term used for a farmer or a person of the land - a native of the countryside. Although I will do my best to describe the ins & outs of the Pagès Festival, this particular event is really one that you should see for yourself! Or better yet, get a team of 4 together and join in.

It is an event held in the small town of San Carlos every year to celebrate the town festivities. There are many events that revolve around the traditions and culture of Ibiza but the Pagès Festival is by far the funniest! The best way to describe it is to call it a Grand Prix or gymkhana. Dress your team up in the silliest costume you can find that represents an Ibiza tradition and get ready! All you have to do is make your way around the circuit in the fastest time possible, getting through each of the obstacle courses. Sound easy? Well it´s not! The obstacle courses are not your every day challenges, unless of course you are Pagès ;-)

Each obstacle portrays a method used in a certain tradition, like the filling of the wheelbarrow followed by steering it up, down and around the country path at very high speed. Another favourite is who can get their chickens back in the coop the fastest without actually touching them - this one entails a lot of running around screeching with your arms in the air! Agility is very necessary and comes in extremely handy when you have to run and jump over haystacks, avoiding large puddles of mud and a strong stomach is called for shortly after, when your skills at drinking from a porron are needed as is your ability to eat from a bucket without using your hands.

The festival usually begins early afternoon and by evening, a ridiculous amount of chupitos and wine have been consumed just to get you through the course!

Definitely worth watching and bound to have you in stitches, this festival is on our personal list of events we absolutely recommend attending in the winter in Ibiza.