Isla Espalmador

The best view of this Island is definitely from the North shore of Formentera. It is a privately owned Island and has no facilities for mooring but it does have a bay in the north-west which can be used as a shelter for yachts and motor boats. The water at the centre of the bay is only 5m deep so keep this in mind and exercise some caution when navigating these waters.

There are only two bays on this beautiful Island, one to the South and one to the North West, with the rest of the coastline taken up by ragged cliffs. The white sandy beaches in these bays are just beautiful but they should be used for sun worshiping only as the currents around the Island are incredibly strong, making swimming rather dangerous. Instead why don’t you take a walk along the far north end of Playa de S’Alga and follow the narrow trail through the scrubland behind the beach. You will emerge at the edge of an incredible salt plain that has a mud-bath at its centre. Smear yourself from head to toe in the black mud and enjoy the sensation of it slowly drying as you walk back to the beach to rinse yourself off in the crystal clear water. It’s like a free spa treatment and with a much better view. The light house of Sa Torreta is an impressive structure and definitely worth a visit. While you are ambling over to it, take the time to appreciate the wafts of rosemary that fills the air as you go. It is everywhere and offers some much appreciated green in an otherwise scrub landscape.

If you are not lucky enough to own your own boat or yacht, fear not. There is a ferry that runs from La Savina in Formentera directly to Espalmador, so there is no excuse not to go and enjoy this picturesque place.