Isla Conejera

This beautiful island lies off the South West coast of Ibiza. Steep cliffs and Juniper scrub dominate the landscape and rabbits bound around without a care in the world. Conejera actually means ‘Rabbit Burrow’ so the presence of these furry little creatures should come as no surprise, making it an exciting and enjoyable trip for families with younger children.

This rocky island is an important sanctuary for breeding seabirds so if you enjoy a spot of bird watching, grab your binoculars and make a day of it, you won’t be disappointed. The waters around this precipiced Isla are teeming with marine life and the diving here is really something to experience. There are many caves to explore, imposing chimneys and good steep drop offs. Keep your eyes out for the hoards of octopi that favour this area. Swimming is, unfortunately, not very good here because there are an enormous amount of sea urchins around, so keep this in mind if you were hoping for a spot of snorkelling.

Hannibal the Carthaginian general, famous for crossing the Alps on elephants to try and conquer Rome, was rumoured to have been born on this little rocky island and while there are no permanent inhabitants on the island today, it can become quite busy in the summer months.

If you are not lucky enough to have your own yacht, you can always catch a boat ride from San Antonio to visit the island, so why not pack a picnic and enjoy a few hours of peace and tranquillity.