Ibiza On The Move


Love Ibiza as much as we do and want to work here in 2013?

Ibiza really is always on the move and we are moving with it.

Whether you have lived here for years or are just longing to move here for a while, we want to know about you!

Always on the look out for new and interesting events, we are constantly out & about meeting and forming partnerships with other island residents.

We are calling all talented, ambitious, creative minds out there and urging you to become part of our team.

We welcome marketing & PR people, online marketing & social media moguls, multimedia lovers, radio journalists, concierge services, chefs, personal trainers, waiters & cocktail

kings for both full time & VIP events, artists, child minders and more!

If you are thinking of broadening your horizons discovering new experiences, contact us so we really can "do it all" together.

If the mañana attitude is getting you no where, then make that change today!

Email us a copy of your cv outlining your greatest skills and tell us why you want to work in Ibiza and why Ibiza needs you.

We can´t wait to meet you and look forward to working together in the future.

Email: ibiza.enquiries@mydestination.com