Ibiza - Playa es Figural

Amazingly enough the highway that most people take from Ibiza airport towards Ibiza town ends some 30km's away at Playa es Figural.  If you are adventurous enough to discover what lies at the end of the highway as it races past Ibiza Town you would be rewarded with a tour through Santa Eularia and San Carlos eventually ending up on a narrow road snaking it's way through the Ibiza countryside inevitably ending up on the beach, as most roads do in Ibiza.   

Es Figural lies on the East of the Island and overlooks the island of Tagomago slightly to the South.  This beach is popular with locals and tourists alike.  Most visitors to the beach are enjoying their holiday at the Hotel Cala Blanca and Hotel Cala Verde which dominate the cliffs overlooking the beach.

Lifegaurds are on duty during the