Helpful Facebook Groups

Ok so you´ve done your research, fallen in love with Ibiza and are ready to, or have just moved here. Settling in can be a little difficult at times so thank God for Facebook! There are plenty of different Facebook groups that will help you along the way, whether you have a simple question, are looking to buy or sell something, need a new car or just want to know what is happening where and when. These groups are also very helpful when looking for accommodation too. Just ask to join the relevant group and post your questions or needs. 

Doing Ibiza. This group is simply for fun and to share beautiful Ibiza photos, up to date information about current events, parties & pretty much anything that is relevant to Ibiza. Ask, tell, post or share anything you like in this group as long as it is Ibiza related.

Bifa Book. This group is also just an informal way of chatting with friends, asking for information, having a moan, posting lost n´ found items and more...

Wanted In Ibiza. Self explanatory really. Just post whatever items you are looking for and some lovely, helpful local will reply :-)

For Sale In Ibiza. Great site for buying and selling your second hand items. Read the rules carefully though or you will get told off!

Ibiza Property Rentals. Advertise your Ibiza property here or post what you are looking for.


If you are not a Facebook user, then by all means feel free to ask us right here at My Guide Ibiza and we will point you in the right direction. Just email