Cala Mastella

A small but beautiful beach in a cove just north of Cala Llenya. It has a sandy beach with lush pine covered cliffs. The water here is very clear, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling. At the end of the beach is a small kiosk that serves cold drinks and just to the left of the rocks, just out of sight, is the famous little restaurant El Bigotes (the moustache) which is possibly the most authentic restaurant on the island.

Dip your feet in the cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea while enjoying traditionally prepared seafood. The only way to guarantee a table is by turning up in person to book one, and the only food available is a typical Ibicencan dish called Bullit de Peix (boiled potatoes and fish) followed by a rice soup dish. The set price is very reasonable and if you don't mind sharing a table with strangers, then the experience is a pleasant one. This bijoux restaurant is rather rustic but the setting alone, combined with the fun atmosphere, is reason enough to add El Bigotes to your list of restaurants not to miss. If drinking wine, ask for a porron to drink it from..... and try your best not to end up covered in it!

Beach Statistics:
• Sandy beach
• Water can get a bit murky
• Faces South East

• Snorkeling
• Swimming
• Walks along the coastal road
• Fishing

• Refreshment Kiosk
• Restaurant
• Not much space for parking
• There are no WC's on the beach, so you will have to walk along to the restaurant

• None

Beach Bars & Restaurants:
• El Bigotes

Nearest Town or Village:
• San Carlos

Cala Mastella, El Bigotes at Cala Mastella, Ibiza