Beach Hop

It is sooo easy to find a beautiful beach you love and stick to it for the rest of your holiday.

There´s nothing wrong with this but why not spend some time exploring the rest of the beautiful beaches and who knows, you may even find one you love more!


The long, sandy beaches are easy to find and always very well signposted - just follow the traffic to the over crowded car parks and you are there!

Dotted with beach restaurants, beach clubs and all the services you could possibly want for a fun day out, these beaches are amazing but a nightmare at the weekend!


The smaller coves are a little more hidden but generally well signposted too. It is harder to find parking and the walk from the car to the beach might take a bit longer.

Most of them do have traditional beach bars or restaurants on them and even toilets too. Much less crowded and generally frequented more by locals than by tourists.


Rocky beaches are the place for you if you hate noisy crowds and just want to relax in the sunshine. Be sure to take something to rest your head on and you will be fine!

Also, take your own cooler box with supplies - you won´t find a beach bar or restaurant anywhere near most of the rocky coves but the crystal clear water and complete tranquillity make up for that.


If naked as the day you were born is how you prefer to relax while on holiday, then most of the deserted rocky coves are fine - you will just have to explore a little and find one you like.

There are however some official nudist beaches like Es Cavallet and Aguas Blancas and all Ibiza beaches are topless so if you want to get your boobs out, go right ahead!

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