Talk The Talk

Although Ibiza is a Spanish island, it is one of the Balearic Islands which form an autonomous community and so as well as speaking Spanish here, the other official language is Catalan. Many of the locals also speak a dialect very similar to Catalan, known as Ibicenco. Below is a list of Spanish, Catalan & Ibicenco words you might come across while visiting, browsing our , sharing your photos and comments with us on our Facebook Fanpage or even when Tweeting with us.

Greetings - Saludos

Bienvenido/ Benvingut - Welcome

Buenos días/ Bon dia - Good morning, good day, hello in general

Buenas tardes/ Bona tarda - Good afternoon

Buenas noches/ Bona nit - Good evening, good night

Como va? Com va? - How´s it going?

Encantado/ encantat - it´s a pleasure

Hasta luego/ fins despres - see you later

Adios/ adeu - goodbye


To Help You Through The Morning - Por La Mañana

Café con leche/ amb llet - white coffee

Café Americano/ americà - large black coffee

Café solo/ sol - small black coffee

Cortado/ tallat - small black coffee with milk

Carajillo/ cigalo - small black coffee with any licquore you fancy (Cognac, Baileys...)

Bonbon - small black coffee with condensed milk

Trifásico/ trifasic - small black coffee with milk and a licquore of your choice

Café Caleta - a dangerous mix of coffee, rum, brandy & spices, served piping hot and invented here on the island!

Pan con tomate/ pa amb tomaca - toast with grated fresh tomato

Pan con tomate y queso fundido/pa amb tomaca y formatge fos -  toast with grated fresh tomato and melted cheese

Hungry? - Hay Hambre?

Sobrasada - red pork sausage

Butifarra - black pork sausage

Tapas - small portion of food to accompany a drink (sometimes free with an alcoholic beverage)

Paella - yellow rice dish with meat & fish

Bullit de peix - a delicious soupy mix of fresh fish, boiled potatoes, green beans fish stock & spices

Alioli/ Aioli - home made garlic mayonnaise

Tortilla española - Spanish omelette (potatoes, onion & sometimes peas and peppers too)

Sofrit pages - fried pork bits with potato, peppers, garlic...

Arroz de matanzas - rice cooked with pork bits just after a "matanza" or pig slaughtering

Bocadillo - sandwich usually made from half a loaf of bread and filled with whatever you ask for.

Thirsty? - Hay sed?

Bodega - winery or liquor shop

Zurrito - a sip of beer or half of a half!

Caña - a half pint

Jarra - pint

Mediana - medium size bottle of beer

Cubata - mixed, long drink.

Refresco - soft drink

Copa/ Vaso de vino - glass of wine

Con hielo y limón? - With ice & lemon?


Festive Phrases

Feliz Navidad/ Bon Nadal - Merry Christmas

Felices Fiestas/ Bones Festes - Happy Holidays

Feliz Año Nuevo - Happy New Year

Molts Anys i Bons - Many Happy returns

Out & About

Camino - Dirt road

Calle - Street

Carretera - Road

Gasolinera - Petrol Station

Correos - Post Office

Estanco - Cigarette Shop

Supermercado/ Tienda - Super Market / Shop

Playa - Beach

Chiringuito - beach bar

Estación de Autobuses - Bus Station

Parada de Taxis - Taxi Rank