Ibiza Charities

While charity may well start at home, it certainly doesn´t end there. Given the chance, people will give generously to a worthy cause... but only if they know about it.

If you would like to raise awareness for your charity or have an event for a charitable cause that you would like to promote, let us do our bit and help spread the word.

Contact the My Guide Ibiza team for further information.


Care 4 Cats in Ibiza have performed wonders since the year 2000 and continue to help cats on a regular basis. Each year, Care 4 Cats sends over a team to catch and spay feral cats and treat any that may be in need of desperate attention. They work with 6 vets on the island and so reduced rates are made available throughout the year for treatments or neutering. All of this is more costly that you might think, so donations, support & volunteers are always more than welcome.

If you are in a position to raise funds for this then please do get in touch. Care 4 Cats is a registered charity both in the UK and in Ibiza and you can become a member and receive the newsletter for just £20 a year.
For more information please contact care4cats1@aol.com or care4catsibiza@yahoo.co.uk

Or visit their Facebook page


Healing Ibiza is a group of like minded healers who hope to heal Ibiza one treatment at a time through taster sessions of Reiki, Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Massage, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Business Coaching, Sound Healing and of course a lot of love.

Healing Ibiza Day is an event created to bring everyone together. Entry is by donation and proceeds from previous Healing Ibiza Days have helped the SamaSound Foundation, the Alzheimers society of Ibiza and the Ibiza Preservation Fund. Healing Ibiza fully supports Ibiza projects and organisers, therapists, helpers, DJ's & entertainers all give their time for FREE at the events held by this non-profit organisation.

If you wish to participate in future events, click here or contact ibizasana@gmail.com


The Ibiza we all know and love needs our help.

The Ibiza Preservation Fund is a non profit organisation created to do just that by protecting threatened areas of natural beauty in Ibiza and trying to lessen the harm being caused by mass tourism. The team behind the fund have many brilliant ideas for environmental initiatives but are unfortunately working with very limited resources.

If you have fund raising ideas or would like to become part of the Preservation Fund team, please get in touch with jaume@ibizapreservationfund.org

Check out their Facebook page.