Twist the Night Away


Armed with inflatable instruments and disguised in colourful wigs, sunglasses and whatever else...

Here in Ibiza we love any excuse for a fiesta, so the Patron Saint´s day of each town is certainly a great reason for a celebration. The San Antonio fiestas begin on the 11th of January and continue for over a month. Cultural traditions are honoured, fair grounds are set up for the little ones, gastronomic events take place and the whole town comes alive. Every year during these fiestas, San Antonio throws one of the wildest Flower Power parties on the island, and we never miss it!

Two old rockers

Armed with inflatable instruments and disguised in colourful wigs, sunglasses and whatever else we can find along the way, we head to San An for a night of the silliest fun around. The Fountain Square down by the port is transformed into one big party area with market stalls, mobile bars, hot dog stands and try-your-luck games. At one end, there is a huge marquee open to the public, with bars and a stage for bands and local 60s & 70s music DJs. The whole tent is one big dance floor, decorated with flowers hanging from the roof, peace signs & psychedelic lighting everywhere.

Let´s rock around the clock

The event begins at about 9:30pm, but doesn´t really get going until a bit later, when the alcohol kicks in and the shyness disappears! People from all over the island turn up, and the effort that goes into their costumes really is impressive. Velvet bellbottoms, horrendously colourful shirts, outrageous wigs, head scarves and an awful amount of glitter come out to play.

Cala Llonga loves Flower Power

Just about every venue in the west end sets up an outdoor bar in the street and bands blast out tunes right from the back of a moving truck! Follow the music wherever it goes, or park yourselves outside any of these bars, with each of them playing their own tunes. Twist the night away with children and grandparents alike and take advantage of the lowered bar prices and the oh-so-jolly atmosphere!

Keep an eye on our events page and join in the fun next year.

Twist the Night Away