Kayaking in Ibiza


We enjoyed a catered lunch before christening each kayak with several Isleñas - the beer of Ibiza!

March saw the My Guide team grab their shorts and paddles, and take part in of the most exciting things to do in Ibiza: kayaking. We could join Ibiza’s kayak experts on a journey from Cala D’Hort under the shadow of Es Vedra. Ibiza Mundo Activo had the gear and kayaks all laid out in preparation for our launch from the Cala D’Hort beach. In August the glorious Ibiza weather will mean the beach is packed, but in March we were the only crowd there; bliss! The beach was showcasing the best of the Ibiza spring sunshine, and we enjoyed a catered lunch by Envy Events, before promptly christening each kayak with several Isleñas - the beer of Ibiza!  

Our briefing from Paolo lasted no more than fifteen minutes, covering all the basics before we were off the beach and streaking across the turquoise water. You quickly realise the scale of the cliffs of Cala D´Hort and the bulk of Es Vedra from the low vantage point of the kayak. This sights have always been Ibiza must-sees, but from the water they even more stunning than usual. We had split into teams, and the two man kayaks were social and quick to manoeuvre when we were both paddling in a rhythm, something which was easily achieved. We pulled in at an empty Ibiza beach just before rounding the point that would take us to Atlantis. With a warm sun, no wind and crystal clear water it was time to get in the water for a March swim in Ibiza!

Ibiza kayakingIbiza kayakingIbiza Kayak Team!Ibiza Kayak Team!Ibiza kayakingIbiza kayakingIbiza kayakingIbiza kayakingIbiza kayakingIbiza kayakingIbiza kayakingIbiza kayaking

After a twenty minute break we took to the kayaks again for some group photographs with the 360º gear and shot off the support boat. Getting nine kayaks to form a semi-circle with a support boat in the middle is a little harder than one might think, but check out the fantastic results here: Ibiza Adventure Center.

As the kayaks parted, it somehow became a race back to the beach between the teams. The M-Wellness  team took an early lead. The Nagai Dragons tried to close it but the two Cala Llonga Chicas made us all laugh too much to be able to catch up. Our kayak had kept wondering off in the direction of Es Vedra. On the way out, I put this down to the kayak not being balanced. When it did the same thing in the other direction, I really started thinking there must be something to Es Vedra’s magnetic powers.

We were back at the beach for 5pm, after a really fun filled three hours. Kayaking in Ibiza is truly a fantastic experience. Ibiza Mundo Activo run kayaking excursions throughout the year and even offers a 7 day trip around the island. For details please contact the Ibiza Adventure Center.

A big thank you to the amazing sponsors & of course to the guests too. Last but not least, please visit our Facebook Fanpage  for some great adventure shots of the day by the very talented Max Lawless Photography.