Top 5 Dives

Ibiza has some fantastic dive locations and the SCUBA Ibiza team is ready & waiting to show you them all! These are a few of our favourite...

Cueva Cala Llonga - The Cathedral

This is one of the most popular dives on the island and it is easy to see why. The cave itself is filled with stalactites and wondrous rock formations but the most incredible aspect of this cave is that it has an air pocket into which you can ascend, allowing you to remove your mask and really admire the magic and beauty of your surroundings.

The Abyss

The most exhilarating of the four dives around Esparta Island. This dive bottoms out when you hit the extraordinary shelves at about 45m. On the way down, keep and eye out for Elvis, the grouper. His den is at 37m and he is really something to behold.

Cueva De La Luz

It is similar to the Cathedral dive, in that it also has an airpocket into which you can ascend, although with the Cueva De La Luz there is the added bonus of light pouring in to the cave from a crevice at the top, creating a magical quality. The marine life here is also quite diverse so keep and eye out for the many species that live in these waters.


Don Pedro

The Don Pedro is, for most divers, a dream come true. A 140m merchant shipwreck crawling with adventure and intrigue. It lies about 25m at it´s shallowest and about 45m at it´s deepest, making it perfect for exploring. A dive you won't quickly forget.


Cala Olivera

This dive boasts a chimney system in a cave with no less than three entry points, making it a magical dive to say the least. The waters are teeming with all manner of sea creatures and the dive maxes out at about 20m making it suitable for divers of all levels.