Networking Tour

Let´s face it, Ibiza is not an easy place to run a business!


It is often difficult to meet other business owners and hard to find the time to visit all the other fantastic establishments on the island. Let us organize a Networking Tour specifically for you with a guest list of Ibiza´s who´s who. A fun day out with activities, fun & drinking but most of all a day out with people you should know if you want to succeed in business here.

An entertaining way of sight seeing, chatting and promoting each other all at once & also the perfect oportunity for us to introduce next seasons new tours which can be offered to clients. The networking Tour will get set you back 60,00€ per person but the friendships and contacts you gain from it certainly make it worthwhile. There are 2 tours a year, one in February and one in October, so be sure to sign up!

The day will begin with a champagne breakfast followed by a scenic drive in the Ducks United 2C.V´s or the Ibiza Wranglers, both of which are the perfect Ibiza car- high off the ground for those bumpy dirt tracks down to the beach & strong as tanks for those equally bumpy drives up to towers and lookout points.

Next could be a fantastic walk down to a cove you might not know even exists or along a beautiful coastal route. Maybe even a few hours discovering the amazing architecture of Dalt Vila, the castle on the hill or even a peaceful walk through the salt flats in a World Heritage site. There are many activities we can do as a group, but nature walks are high on our list of great ways to show people the beauty of Ibiza.

Energized from all the fresh air and chit chat, we will continue on to a for a guided tour and wine tasting. The perfect opportunity to gain knowledge that could be passed on to staff or even the chance to arrange a wine course for your employees.

Merry from the wine tasting and probably in need of a decent meal, next we will enjoy a catered for picnic somewhere stunningly picturesque or maybe a sit down meal at a typical Spanish . Full of great food, delicious wine and lots of cheer, we will say goodbye and return the vehicles safely home .


  • 10:00 Meet at the sea front for introductions & photos.
  • 10:15 Breakfast, 360º photo shoot & a mini lesson on how to handle your Duck or Wrangler.
  • 10:45 Scenic drive.
  • 11:15 Park and begin walk.
  • 13:30 Head for the winery.
  • 14:00 Arrive at the winery for wine tasting with cheese, crackers, a guided tour & 360º photos.
  • 15:00 Meet for lunch, drinking, chatting and fun.
  • 17:00 / 17:30 Make our way back to drop off the vehicles at the same place as pick up.

The My Guide Ibiza Team is more than happy to get involved with any of your ideas and even sponsor your online marketing needs for specific events.