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We all love to know what´s going on in the World and us Ibiza fanatics especially love to hear all the island gossip, but let´s face it, none of us really want to hear the bad news! Wouldn´t it be great if we could find out about the good, fun, happy but still interesting events without being forced to suffer from the knowledge of the bad news too? Well, here you have it! detodo Ibiza is a fantastic little read filled with nothing but positivity put together by a happy, smiley Ibiza lover tired of being brought down by other people´s misfortunes and ready to change the World one smile at a time.

detodo contains everything you want to know about from news (only good of course!) to ecology, art & culture, health & wellness and a Greenheart guide. There is also an events agenda, a service guide, a comic strip for a good old giggle, a music page called Music is the Key and even a cooking section named I Don´t Fancy Cooking Today! with ideas for where to pick up your take-away food and places that deliver right to your door. The paper is written in Spanish and English and also contains a classifieds section where you can post your advert for FREE! So if you´re in need of some uplifting, pick up your free copy of detodo - We Are Good News and join the team of the positive thinkers. Papers can be found in most bars, restaurants, shops and petrol stations all over the island and are published once a month, 12 months a year.

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Editor: David Moss
Digital Grafic Ibiza
C/ Cap Martinet, 68
07819 Jesús
Ibiza, Spain
Telephone/Fax: 0034 971 314 348

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