Isla Tagomago

Off the North East coast of Ibiza about 30 minutes by boat, is small concave Island with the wonderful melodic name of Tagomago. It only lies about 900m from Ibiza but don’t let this fact tempt you to try and swim to it. A 900m swim in the ocean shouldn’t be undertaken unless you know what you are doing. The island itself is only 98 acres and is a sanctuary for many seabirds in the area.

Tagomago only has one house on it, smack back in the middle of the island so if private is what you are looking for, then this is definitely the Island for you. No, we are not joking. You can hire this island out by the week - at a price of course. It will set you back between 100,000 - 250,000 euros per week which includes helicopter transfers to and from Ibiza Airport as well as a staff of four at your beck and call and private mooring on the West coast of the island.This stunning 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom villa has a beautiful pool, amazing views and beautiful terraces. We will let you decide whether or not its worth the dosh.

There is a quaint lighthouse here that was built back in 1909 which is worth visiting so if you feel like a trip to this little saucer shaped island, you can catch the boat there from either Pou de Lleo or from the port of Santa Eulalia.