For Locals

Whether you have just moved to Ibiza or have lived here your whole life, there are often times when you are faced with a new challenge and need that extra bit of information, a phone number or an address to begin your mission. As we all know, administration in Spain, and especially in Ibiza! is nearly impossible and you will almost always be politely told you are missing some piece of paper, a form or a number. Below are some Ibiza businesses which may be able to help with day to day island stressful matters!


Cáritas Ibiza is a subsidiary of the Church dedicated to helping those less fortunate, particularly groups of homeless people, transients and immigrants. If you just don´t have time to get up at dawn once a week, pack up the car, the children and anything else you might need and head to the market, why not give all those clothes you will never wear again to charity? All you have to do is choose the shop closest to you and drop off as much or as little as you like.

CÁRITAS IBIZA - Calle Carlos IV, 27

CÁRITAS SAN ANTONIO - Calle Bartolome Vicente Ramon, 17

CÁRITAS SANTA EULALIA - Calle Historian José Clape, 19

CÁRITAS OFFICE - Calle Felipe II, 16 

Phone: 0034  971 311 762


For larger household items or electronics that you may no longer need please contact the Deixalles Foundation who will come and collect for free and recycle them.

DEIXALLES FOUNDATION - Carretera Pou de na Massiana 27. Poligono de Montecristo (Ibiza-Sant Antonio road, in one of the big warehouses)

Phone: 0034 971 191 118


Website: (Green Heart Ibiza)



All vehicles in Spain must pass their ITV (inspección técnica de vehículos or technical inspection of vehicles) when over a certain age. This process is only as complicated as you make it and generally quite straightforward. All you have to do is make an appointment, turn up on time and then more often than not, wait in line for ages.  There is only one center on the island. Remember to have your license plate number ready when you ring for an appointment.

Address: Carretera Sant Miquel, KM.2 (the main road from Ibiza towards Santa Gertrudis)

Phone: 0034 971 195 906





For all your British interests overseas from passport renewals to visas and travel advice. All information is available on the website but here is the address of the office in Ibiza and a phone number just in case:

Address: Avenida Isidoro Macabich 45, 1º (opposite the Ibiza bus station on the 1st floor)

Phone: 0034 902 109 356 or 0034 91 334 2194

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:30 - 13:30



This is where you will find everything you need to know about being a foreigner and living in Ibiza. A large number of forms will be thrown at you, so a great deal of patience and smiles are needed here but just be polite and you will slowly get through it. The queues are often very long but just make sure you don´t stand in the wrong one for hours! If all you want is information on where you should be, then be sure to ask straight away. This is where you will apply for your N.I.E. number (foreigner´s identification number) which you will need if you are planning to be here long term.

For an N.I.E. number for residency in Ibiza: if you are a European citizen, this couldn´t be easier. The office is open from 09:00 - 14:00, Monday to Friday. You will need to pick up 2 forms for this. One is for your personal information and the other must be taken to the bank where you have to pay 10.20€. Take these forms back to the police station with your original passport and a photocopy of it and hand it all in. You will be given a credit card size document which is your N.I.E. card & number and this is valid for 5 years.

Address: Avinguda de la Pau (yes, the huge mirrored building! on the main road between Can Misses Hospital and McDonalds, just after the Diario de Ibiza offices)

Phone: 0034 971 398 831 or 0034 971 398 487


Each municipality has a medical center where you will always be attended to for less critical injuries but for anything more severe involving stitches, x-rays or operations, you will generally be sent to Can Misses. As long as you have medical insurance, you should be seen to free of charge. There are a number of private clinics on the island too where you will usually be asked to pay cash but always be treated. Residents with a work contract are automatically covered and receive free healthcare, just make sure all your paper work is in order!


Address: Carretera de la Corona, 32

Phone: 0034 971 397 000



Address: Via Romana S/N

Phone: 0034 971 301 916




- Ibiza Town (Centro de Salud de Vila): Address: Avenida 8 de agosto, 30 (the Pacha road) Phone: 0034 971 195 140

- Santa Eulalia: Address: Historiador José Clapés s/n. Phone: 0034 971 339 050 or 0034 971 332 453 or 0034 971 336 985

- San Antonio: Address: Ses Sequies, 6 Phone: 0034 971 195 851

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday from 08:00 to 17:00. Emergencies: Monday - Saturday from 17:00 to 09:00. Sundays & Holidays from 09:00 to 09:00.

Website for all Medical Centers:






This is where you need to be for anything to do with your Spanish National Insurance Number (número de afiliación a la seguridad social)

Address: Avenida Pere Matutes Noguera, 14 - 16 - 18 (Figueretas)

Phone: 0034 971 305 261 or 0034 971 304 112


This tiny little office is where you need to be for anything to do with vehicle registration, whether it be buying, selling, or just changing the name on your vehicle´s papers. Traffic fines can also be paid here- walk in, take a number & wait!


Address: Calle Vicente Serra y Orvay, 43

Phone: 0034 971 313 570


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