Fiestas de San Carlos

Fiestas Patrocinales de San Carlos - 4th of November.

If your name is Charles or a derivative of it, this is your day and the festivities can begin anywhere from a week before and last until a week after!

San Carlos is part of the municipality of Santa Eulalia del Rio but hosts it´s own town festivities. Exciting events including antique car & bike shows, artesan craft markets with local & traditional products, Ball Pages, dance shows, Church services, parades and of course a great band playing live music all night long.

San Carlos is also famous for their yearly Backgammon Tournament which takes place in Anita´s Bar, where anyone can join and there is no age limit. There is often a fireworks display at midnight but this of course depends on the weather and on resources.

Another fabulous San Carlos special is the Pages Festival which is an hilariously entertaining gymkhana of sorts. It consists of small teams completing traditional chores in the least time possible, on an outdoor circuit.

Great fun for the whole family so keep an eye on our events page for details about the Fiestas de San Carlos.